Don’t miss out on potential clients!

Good customers and leads can be hard to find, so if they end up on your site, you want them to stay and hopefully return in the future.  If your website has certain issues, customers may be hitting the back button almost immediately.  According to the web analytics company, KISSmetrics, many small businesses end up alienating their new clients through their website design, seen here in their handy infographic. So, whether you are designing a new website or want to refresh an older one, you should keep these simple rules of thumb in mind.

  1. Poor navigation and obnoxious ads are a big no-no.  Make your website stand out from the crowd by making it clean and simple. Minimalistic designs are usually more effective as they don’t overwhelm the visitor.

Characteristics of your website that you might think are selling points may actually be annoyances to customers.

  1. Audio and video can be very appealing to customers in place of paragraphs of content.  But, if you have audio on your site landing page, make sure there is a play button. Customers like the ability to choose what to Website Design Mistakeswatch/listen to. No one wants to jump out of his/her seat at work while browsing the internet because they were not expecting blasting audio that came from your site. If your website plays sound without the consent of the user, you may be driving potential customers away.


  1. Call-to-action buttons such as “register” are important for your company as they turn random visitors into potential customers with contact information, but one thing you may want to avoid, according to the infographic , are pop up registration forms. You should allow the visitor to check out your site and what you have to offer before forcing visitors to register right away. Most people do not give their email address away easily in order to avoid an inbox full of ads they don’t care about, so instead, make your content and offers visible and compelling enough to make the visitor want to register on their own.


  1. Content is more important than design for small businesses and should be updated more regularly to keep customers satisfied.  One of the best ways to add fresh content to your site is to post relevant blogs regularly which also encourages interactivity with visitors.


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