It doesn’t just happen on October 31st,  all year we get approached by clients who get the shivers at the prospect of creating content for their online marketing and social media accounts. This is why on this Halloween day, we decided to put the fear to rest and give you three simple ideas to find content quickly and easily. We promise it will be painless.


1.      Search Online

Doing a simple search online for “appliance” in the new will provide you with many articles on what is happening in the appliance industry. Not interested in sharing the cold hard facts with your followers? You may also choose to search for a term that you think your followers would like information about, such as “fire safety in your home”. This will provide articles that others have written that you may share to your social media pages. Just make sure to link back to the original content. It is good for you and your followers, and also gives a boost to the author’s readership numbers. A win-win! And nary a shiver in sight.

2.      Search Publications

Going to newspapers or online informational sites can be a great tool. For appliance content there are sites like that will give you a starting point to sharing pertinent posts with your online followers.  Don’t wantHalowwen Social Media to only post about appliances news? You may choose to visit a site like to see what ie being celebrated that day, and what you can tie in to your business.

3.      Look Through Posts by Others

Lastly check out what others are talking about. You can always visit 1st Source Servall’s social media pages for news and interesting articles to share. Or visit others like the United Servicers Associations Facebook and Twitter pages to get up to date information. Don’t worry, as long as you do it correctly there will be no blood curdling screams from those you take your posts from. Just make sure to give credit when you can. Sharing a post you like on Facebook shows where you got the original post from, or retweeting a post on Twitter is a nod to the original posting account. Or even just thanking them and using their Twitter name: Such as for an article 1st Source Servall posted” “Thanks, @1stsourceserval for the great info!” and then the link.


So, don’t be afraid. Finding and posting content can be a painless experience. Plus there are  free programs like Hootsuite which can allow you to piece together your social media for the week, and like Frankenstein’s monster, you can see it come to life before your very eyes.

Don’t have social media pages for your company? Don’t worry! With Social Media on Demand we can create your SEO enhanced pages for you.  No trick, just a treat.