Parts Ecommerce on Demand & Parts Department on Demand

I already have a parts department so why would I do this?

What hours is your parts department open? We’re open Mon-Saturday until 9 pm eastern and until 6pm Sundays. We’re also open on all Holidays except Christmas and Thanksgiving. Maybe you should consider referring customers when you aren’t open during the evenings and weekends. It also comes in handy when a person calls in sick or is on vacation

I earn more profit by selling parts myself. Why should I give that up?

You should take a closer look. Our rebate checks are 100% profit for you. You have no labor, no time, and no investment. You make good margin when you sell a part, but then need to subtract all the labor involved to find it, order it, put it away, invoice it and pay for it. If the customer doesn’t pick up a special order part you’re stuck with it.  If you have an accountant ask him/her. You don’t make 17% bottom line profit on parts.

How much is my rebate on the Parts Department on Demand and Parts Ecommerce on Demand?

Your rebate is 17% of net sales if you want to be paid by check. If you choose to have the rebate credited to your account we will pay 19% to thank you for our labor savings in accounting.

How often are checks issued?

Every 3 months. Checks are issued in January, April, July and October for the previous 3 months net sales (total sales minus any returns)

Is there a minimum amount of business necessary to participate in the Parts on Demand and Parts Ecommerce on Demand?

We will issue a rebate check each quarter assuming your business has earned $50 for the 3 month period. This is roughly $100 a month in sales, or about 3 customer orders per month.

If you choose to have your rebates as a credit to your account we will eliminate the minimum requirement.

Will my consumer parts pricing be competitive?

Yes you will be very competitive on the parts that matter the most. We price shop the top 1,000 parts against major web retailers and set pricing based to be competitive. Everything else is priced at MSRP

Will you customize the prices on your telephone and web programs to match my counter pricing?

No, that is not an option we offer. We do not charge you for these services, they are totally free. The amount of time it would take to customize and maintain pricing for each client would wipe out our profits

How do I explain to a customer why my parts pricing is different on the phone and web than it is in my store?

The phone and internet parts sales we handle for you require no facilities, employees or inventory on your part. Therefore you can afford to sell for less. Think of an airline or retailer that announces on their telephone recordings “lower prices may be available on our website”

Will there be any monthly or annual fees?

There are no fees for the Parts on Demand or Parts Ecommerce on demand.

Do I need to have a website to take advantage of these services?

Not for the telephone Parts Department on Demand, but yes for the Parts Ecommerce on Demand. If you’d like to explore parts sales on the web, but have no website, contact us to discuss the super low price options we have to build you a website.

Will I receive a statement showing number of hits on the site?

If we created the website for you, Google Analytics will be installed on your site. This is a free service from Google and provides detailed information on the visits to your site and the actions that your visitors made while on your site.

Can we add a link that will point to my website for parts installation?

There are areas of the Parts Ecommerce on Demand websites that can be customized. If there is a link that you would like added during the set up phase, 1st Source Servall will be happy to discuss the feasibility.

If someone starts a web chat or submits a parts order how do you know it’s my customer?

Your URL web address is unique to your business, no other business uses it. When web chat or web order comes in, these identify the customer as yours. We process all orders under an account we set up for you.

Once a customer receives parts through your company, won’t they come back to you next time instead of my business?

No. Our name is not used in the process; we remain hidden in the background. The phone is answered in your name. The parts web link has your name on it. All packing slips and credit card slips are generic. These are your customers

Do you market to my customers? 

No. We will never market to your customer. You have our word.

What is the return policy?

We will take back any unused part, including electrical, within 30 days of invoice date

Do you charge a restock fee?

No. We issue full credit any unused part returned to us by the customer within 30 days of invoice date.

Who pays the shipping charges on returns?

It depends. If we send a wrong part or the part is damaged we pay the shipping charges to get the part back and/or send them a new one. If the customer receives what they ordered and change their mind, we ask them to pay shipping back to us.

What if a customer brings a part back to my store?

This very rarely happens. In the event they do call us and we’ll handle it with you and your customer.

Do you charge freight on orders?

Yes. Most orders are a flat rate of $7.99 for shipping. Oversize items may be more.

How long will it take my customer to receive the parts?

We ship all orders received by 6pm (10pm for orders shipped from Michigan) local time the same day. Shipping time varies from 1- 3 days.

Will I receive notification of every order placed on the telephone or web site?

Not automatically, but there is an account number that will be assigned for your web and phone business. This will allow you to view all orders on Webd3.

How are shipping damages handled?

We handle with the customer and make sure they are taken care of with a new part or credit.

Do you accept cash and checks? Will you ship COD?

No, everything is via secure credit card or debit card transactions.

My long term customers prefer to come to my shop, why do I need a phone or web option?

Your long term customers won’t be around forever. There are new customers everyday who want to do business a different way. Without local search optimization and a website you will never know these customers exist, nor will they find you. The ability to place orders, web chat, and 7 day per week contact options are what the customers desire.

Aren’t weekends unnecessary? Won’t the customers wait until Monday?

Some customers may wait but most won’t. The internet thrives on the weekend for parts sales. Our phones are busy all 7 days and even with being open Sunday, Monday’s are as busy as ever.