What's being said about Profit Partner Solutions...

Loaf's Appliance Service

“I have had an increase in business, that is gradually growing each week.  Every contact is another chance to prove that my service company is one to hire.  Without the PPS service, these people would never know I existed.  Working with Julia Sundberg was easy, she did all the work.  All I had to do was answer a few questions and she put everything together to make a very professional presentation that customers comment on constantly.  This is a program and service that I would recommend to any independent servicer.” (Noah Harrelson, III, owner of Loaf Appliance Service)

David's Appliance Service

“I own and operate David’s Appliance Service in Pace, Fl.  I was a little apprehensive about setting up a parts website, mostly because of time constraints.  I simply didn’t think I had enough time to setup and maintain a parts website.   However, I actually found the process to be very simple and quick.  The Profit Partner Solutions service was superb. They helped me alter my logo to one more suitable to a parts website and handled all the setup.  Now that the website is operational, there is no maintenance needed on my end.  I highly recommend Profit Partner Solutions. “(David Cook, owner of David’s Appliance Service)

Barker's Appliance

“Julia was a dream to work with.  She did all of the work of setting up our web site. Easiest thing we have ever done .   Have had alot of positive feedback on how nice our website is.”  (Thomas Barker, owner of Barker’s Appliance)