Creating something useful or offering something new is always the basis of good business. Target unveiled their ‘In a Snap’ app to allow customers to scan items with their phone in ads to purchase them. This is an innovative new tool for retail shopping, yet no one would know it existed unless they used marketing to get the word out. You may be wondering what Target’s new app has in common with your appliance business, but both the retail giant and your company want to make sure their services get noticed by potential clients.

Before they even highlight this new tool on their website, the word about Target’s new app is swirling on Social Media. This is where you may learn from Target’s experience. Social Media is a great place to let your clients and potential clients know about sales that are going on, specials that are about to start, or even daily tidbits to entertain and educate.SM - Free marketing tool

Not sure what to post to your Social Media pages? View our previous blog, ‘Different Posts for Different Platforms’ on the importance of knowing the audience of the social media outlet you are posting on. Social Media can be an amazing marketing tool for the small and large business alike. It is a free way to get the word out about your services and products, and gives back to you as much as you put into it.

Make sure to take a new look at your social media presence and see how you improve on it and make this great marketing tool work for you. Plus, don’t forget, if you need a new updated business page on any of the top four social media platforms, we can design your new with our Social Media on Demand service.