Over the past few months I have been attempting to express the importance of having an online presence. The necessity of posting to your business Social Media pages at least once a month and of letting your customers know they can find you online and will be provided with important information.Nick's Used Appliance Facebook PageThis Friday is a flashback post to highlight one of our clients who has truly utilized his Parts Ecommerce on Demand Service. Nick’s Used Appliances make sure to tell their customers about the advantages to an after-hours parts department as well as the simplicity of ordering their parts online and having them shipped direct.

At Nick’s Used Appliance they have gone beyond the business website we created for them, as well as the Parts Ecommerce on Demand service, as they have an excellent Facebook page that has images of their business and products, information about their store, as well as regular posts to engage feedback form their customers. This dedication to keeping their clients in the loop is paying off as he sees his sales rise and has had over 800 unique (non-returning) visitors to his business website!

When we created their business website we added a link to their new Parts Ecommerce on Demand website and even included a graphic to attract visitors to utilize the service. They couldNick's Used Appliance Window Sign
have just left it at that, but they didn’t! They also put up a sign in their window so that when their doors are locked their customers still know where they can get exceptional customer service.

This is a client that took our advice to heart and is seeing a large rise in their sales because of it. Their steps are listed below:
1. Speaking to your clients about the Ecommerce options that you now are able to offer and including your toll free parts hotline answered by an experienced customer service team in the conversation.
2. The next step is having a business website that provides information about your business to your customers.
Nick's Used Appliance Website3. Remember it is important to not only creating social media pages with images and contact information, but also posting to the social media pages at regular intervals on up-to-date information about your company.
4. Signage! Especially placed in locations your clients are able to see it after your doors are locked. Why lose a sale when you can still get a percentage of the profits?
Making sure you stay engaged with clients and potential clients allows your business to get ALL the advantages of a Parts Ecommerce on Demand website, and allows you the chance to get money back on sales you would otherwise had to send to your competition. We appreciate that Nick’s Used Appliances has made such a concentrated effort to market their Parts Ecommerce on Demand service, and we are glad that it has been such an asset to their company. We look forward to highlighting other clients in the future who are marketing their businesses at the same level. Please feel free to ‘Like’ Nick’s Used Appliance on Facebook, view their business website, or peruse their Parts Department Ecommerce site.