Having a business website for your appliance repair business is a great start, but it will not automatically shoot you to the top of page results for organic rankings in Google and here’s why.

You’re competing against a lot of other appliance repair businesses out there, from the big national players like Sears and Lowe’s, to other small repair companies that have had a longer time to establish themselves online. You are also competing against website directories, review websites like Yelp and Angie’s List, and lead-generation websites for that first page slot. Some of these companies have vast marketing teams and spend lots of time and money to optimize their sites to rank well for particular key words.

Many factors also come into play when organically ranking websites, from domain-name age, external incoming links, to traffic and engagement. Backlinko lists 200 factors that Google takes into account in its ranking algorithm. Google also says it determines its rankings based on hundreds of factors. Google  also constantly tweaks its search algorithms to provide its users with the best search results.

This might seem overwhelming to a small business owner as you have a business to run and cannot, or do not want to be constantly working on your website. However, in the digital age you cannot let your online marketing slide.  In the next few blog posts we’ll be providing you with some tips on how to improve your website rankings along with other online marketing suggestions.