Now that you understand what a backlink is and why it’s important, it’s time to come up with a strategy on how to get more links for your appliance repair business. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Local News Coverage

Getting coverage from major national media might be difficult, so start smaller. Start with sending in a press release to your local newspaper and TV Station featuring appliance maintenance tips or reminders to clean the dryer venting, or check and change rubber washer fill hoses before they burst.

Don’t forget to also publish any press releases you create on your website and include some high-quality, print-ready photos which publications can use if they run your press release.

Some press releases might receive a better chance of being published if they are timely, like oven maintenance tips sent in late October before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Keep in mind that a member of the media might reach out to you regarding a different story they are working on at the moment. They may ask you for a quote for a story, or your opinion as an expert in your field. Stories like this might not include a link back to your business website, but they are still worth participating in as they will get your name and business in the paper. This adds to your credibility and helps build your business’s brand.

Professional Business Associations

If you belong to a local chamber of commerce, or other professional business association, see if they list their members online and ask for a link back to your website.

Sponsorships and Charitable Events  

If you sponsor a little league team or charitable event, ask for a link back from their website. Charities commonly include the logo of the business that sponsors them. Sometimes they automatically include a link or URL of the businesses that sponsor them.

Create a Community Resource Page

Creating a community resource page is a great way to get earned backlinks to your site. An earned backlink is content so great and useful that people link to without any prompting.

Potential ideas for a community resource include an appliance and electronics disposal and recycling page. Content for this page can include any laws or ordinances on how to recycle or dispose of old electronics and appliance, local places that accept electronics for recycling and any fees associated with a drop off. Your town might also have a special day for bulk trash pickup, so consider including that as well

Also consider adding any electronic recycling events which are often free and will allow the public to drop off their unwanted electronics for safe and proper disposal.

Get Your Competitor’s Backlinks

Use a backlink checker to see which sites are linking to your competitor’s website and see if you can also get a link from those websites as well. SEMrush, AHrefs, Open Site Explorer by Moz, all offer competitor backlink checker tools that you can use for free during a trial period. Just be sure to cancel them before your trial is up.

During your research, you will probably come across a lot of spammy, low quality websites. You do not backlinks from those sites as backlinks from low-quality websites can count against you in Google. Use your best judgment when pursuing backlinks.

Now that you have some ideas on what you want to do, create a plan!  Creating a plan with actionable items will help you achieve your goal of getting more backlinks. Be prepared for building backlinks to be an ongoing process. And remember, in order to earn a backlink, you need to have something worth linking to, so be sure to create compelling content on your website.