If you are not answering the questions and reading the answers that are coming in through your Google My Business account, then you could possibly be missing out on job leads and also allowing incorrect information to be posted about your business.

Google My Business Questions and Answers are part of your Google My Business listing on Google. It’s the very highly visible section that appears on the right hand side of search results when someone searches for your business. Google launched this feature back in August 2017, and it allows anyone to ask questions about a business directly from the GMB listing. The questions and answers are viewable by the public and future visitors. However, few businesses seem to be taking advantage of this feature. Here’s why you should be monitoring and responding to questions.

Customers are using this feature and asking about your business

This is great opportunity to capture a sale by responding to a customer inquiry. Even if you do not provide a service, say gas appliance installation, that answer by you shows that you are attentive to customer inquiries which is good for your business’s reputation.

Other people are answering questions about your business and they might be wrong

You do not want the wrong information showing up on your Google My Business listing, so be sure to check your listing for incorrect information or poorly-worded responses from others.

Up until recently, Google was not sending email alerts to let GMB’s owners know there were questions on their listing, but now they are doing so. So there is now excuse not to be responding to the questions about your business as your business

You can ask your own questions

You can ask and answer your own questions.  Ask and answer any frequently asked questions about your business directly on the knowledge panel.