For over twenty years Brehl’s Appliance Parts have been proudly serving Boothwyn, PA, and happily providing appliance parts for those in Southeastern Pennsylvania for over three generations. We appreciate their story and wanted to share with others their hard work, family devotion and the success they have found selling appliance parts online.

Brehl’s Appliance Parts have been a client with 1st Source Servall for many years, and two years ago they chose to take advantage of our Parts Ecommerce on Demand. Having realized the benefits of the program, and watching them flourish, made us want to share some of their success with others.

Brehl’s Appliances Parts was founded in Chester, PA during the late 1950s by Harry Brehl. Building his business on excellent customer service and a great knowledge of appliance parts, the company continued to grow.  He partnered with his son-in-law who bought the business from Harry when he retired, Eddie (Harry’s grandson) chose to buy the business when his father retired in 1990. At that time he relocated to their current location at 529 Conchester Highway in Boothwyn, PA.

Over the years, although the business has changed size and location, Brehl’s Appliance Parts has stayed true to their vision of treating each customer who walked through the door as a valued individual.

After her husband had a stroke and could no longer do repairs, Rosann made sure the Brehl’s legacy endured. Eddie proudly continues to pass his knowledge on to her, as well as consult for others, and she enjoys helping clients diagnose their appliance problems and aids them in finding the right parts. She even assists customers in testing the part to make sure that it is the correct one for their specific problem. But, her favorite part of the job is hearing from past customers whom she has helped, receiving their gratitude for her knowledge and caring approach lets her know she really is making a difference.

Rosann has also found that bringing the business online has only helped their reputation. This allowed potential customers find information about their business as well as purchase parts online when they are closed for the day.

Putting up a sign in the window has permitted those that stop by after-hours the chance to visit their ecommerce site to purchase parts they need and have them shipped right to their home. She also makes sure she tells her clients (and even leaves the information on her answering machine) so that even when she cannot personally help a client, her online business still can.

We love to see a small appliance parts business succeed and are happy that the Parts Ecommerce on Demand service has worked for Brehl’s Appliance Parts. We look forward to partnering with Rosann far into the future and wish her and her company all the best.