We were happy to share our online marketing and website design knowledge with you in 2014, and want to make sure you didn’t miss a thing.

3 SEO tactics to help build your business website

Last year we shared 3 SEO tactics to help you make the most of your website content. While these three tips are well known to online marketers, they are sometimes overlooked by the small business owner and can make a large difference in how your business is viewed online.  While not futuristic, these tried and true SEO tactics will help you far into your company’s future.

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3 Tips To Get Your Employees Involved In Your Company Social Media

Make a (belated) New Years resolution to get your employees involved in your company’s social media! Imagine the reach your employees have by sharing just one status a week, or retweeting that big sale you are having? The possibilities are endless and we provide tips to help get you started in engaging your staff.

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4 Steps to Better Content for the Appliance Business Website

Content IS King when it comes to your website. Search engines use it to decide what your business is all about and who might benefit from visiting your site. In this post we provide steps for you to create the content that will best help your business. This way no matter how your services change, or how long you have your site, you will always have the knowledge to create or update your website content.

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Different Posts for Different Platforms

Every Social Media site there is a different audience to target and on each site you can create a different post to make sure you are targeting the correct people. In this post we give you an overview of how to best create posts for these sites and what they can do for your business.

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3 FREE Online Tools Every Business Owner Should Know About.

Lastly we made sure to share three free online tools that can help any business owner manage their online presence. The purpose of what we do is to help small appliances businesses prosper and these tools can help you get there.

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We hope these posts helped you over the last year, as well as in the New Year. Make sure to contact us or comment below with any assistance or questions that you might have. We are always happy to help!