According to Google 94% percent of consumer’s research products online before buying.

This means if your services and products aren’t online, you are missing out on business.

Getting your business online is easier than you think. Although a website is only the first step, it is an important one as it is  the only place online where you have complete control over the content regarding your business. Making that content count is another story.

When deciding what content to post, keep these four tips in mind:

1.      Always think about your audience.

Who do you envision reading your blog posts and website information? Are you writing for them, or writing for the industry? Although you and others in the appliance industry will be fascinated by the new method to fix a washer, will those
that you want to frequent your business also find it interesting? If you are trying to attract potential customers that need appliance repairs or installations, it may be more beneficial to post about the new gorgeous Kohler faucet or mention that Maytag has an amazingly futuristic oven. Whatever you decide to post, think about your audience before your put pen to paper (or fingers to keys).

2.      Have defined goals on what you want out of your content.

The next step in producing good content is to keep in mind what you want out of it. Now that you have your audience in mind, what do you want them to learn or do with the content you provide? You may decide to use your website to educate about your business and keep your blog for interesting appliance repair tidbits. Making sure you use good keyword placement can make sure that the content you are creating is getting to the internet users you want to attract. Search engines, (like Google, Bing, and Yahoo) only know what is on your website by the keywords you use. They will place your content in the search results based on who they think is looking for it. So, if someone searches for appliance repair in Detroit, Michigan, you may find having keywords  on your site that talk about appliance repair in your town of Detroit to be more beneficial than general content on appliance repair.

3.      Make sure you have obvious CTAs.Content is Kings - Google Quote

You have your audience, you know what you want to say and you are (hopefully) getting people to read what you write. Now what? Now, you need a Call-To-Action. You don’t want your readers to get to the end of your content and think, “that was nice, now what?” (Online marketers everywhere shudder at the thought). Interesting graphics, large bolded links, or even just an inline comment that tells your clients to a go to a certain page or place on your site, can make all the difference. Having them go to a contact page or give them a link to chat to your representative can turn that general internet user into a brand new customer.

4.      Don’t forget to review your progress.

You did it, you created content that is working for you! It is great to finally have a plan and follow through on it. But, as it is sometimes hard to gauge your online traffic  it is best to use  a system like Google Analytics to see how much your content is helping your website. With these types of systems you can see where your website visitors are coming from and with this information you can learn which neighborhoods are most interested in your services. You can also see how they are getting to your site, which keywords are the most commonly looked for, and what time of day you get the most traffic, as well as much, much more. Knowing this information can help you twek

Then repeat.

Once you have completed all of the steps above, make sure to repeat the process every time you decide to add new content to your website. Following these four simple steps can help you make sure you are getting the most out of your business’ online presence.


When it all comes down to it, plotting out your content ahead of time is important. Having a website to post it to is just as important. If you are ready to create your content but don’t yet have a website we offer website design services at three different price points, and you can view the services here. Or if you have a site and want to see the progress of your content strategy we offer Analytics consulting which you can find out about here. We hope this helped you in your content creating and look forward to hearing about your success in the future!