Many businesses spend a lot of time and effort trying to drive traffic to their Social Media pages, and obtain the all-important engagement from users. But, one avenue is often overlooked: The Employee. Right inside your own company are people that want to see your business succeed and will happily help however they can. Plus, once they follow you pages others connected to them online may also follow suit. We lay out the three basic steps to getting your employees involved in your online presence and thus making sure you are doing everything you can to engage users online.

  1. Make Sure They Know About It! Some companies spend a lot of time and energy creating the perfect Social media Presence. They have dedicated man hours to making sure their cover images on Twitter and Facebook attract attention and draw users in. But, they forget to tell the rest of the company about it. Make sure you tell your employees frequently that your company has pages on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and most of all LinkedIn. On LinkedIn they will be able to link right to your business page stating that they work for your company, a great way to show others in the industry what an amazing staff you have working for you.


  1. Lay Out The Benefits To Them. Don’t just tell them that the pages are there, give them a reason to follow your company. Let them know that information that can help them in their daily work will be shown on those pages. Have a daily deal you provide to clients? Let your employees know they can see it online and share it with customers straight from Social Media. Having a companywide event? Your employees may not hear about it on the branch level, but by following the corporate page they will know when these events will be taking place without having to wait for their supervisor to inform them. Lastly let them know that you will be sharing interesting and informative posts all about the industry that they work in. This may be draw enough, as most of your employees will be happy to have a place they can visit to keep up to date with industry trends.


  1. Thank Them. Don’t forget to thank your employees for liking your page or following your company.  They took time out of their personal lives to connect with their work and to show they support their business, so a small act of Thumbs Up Employees
    gratitude would be nice. Saying a quick thank you via the social media site they followed you on, or going larger and having a Social Media appreciation day at work. Remember, it was GB Sterns who said, “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”  Whichever method you choose, big or small, make sure to thank those that support your business, especially your employees.

Ready to get your employees on board, but don’t have your Social Media pages as great as you would like, or don’t yet have pages at all? We can help with that! Profit Partner Solutions offers Social Media on Demand – A service in which we create business pages, or enhance the pages you already have, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. We look forward to sharing more information on furthering your online presence and making the most of your web marketing efforts in the future.