Website FAQ

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Website on Demand

 “I’ve gone all these years without a website. Why do I need one now?”

You need to be seen in the digital age we live in. Most likely your competitors have a website. Shouldn’t you?

” I spend a lot on yellow pages and can’t afford to spend on a website.”

Ask everyone you know under the age of 50 how often they have used their yellow pages in the last 6 months. Many of them will tell you never. Yellow pages are quickly becoming obsolete. People search the web to find what they need. Spend less on yellow pages and invest in your business future via the web.[/accordion-item]

” Will there be any monthly or annual fees?”

There is an annual fee of $59 for domain registration and hosting.

” Will I receive a statement showing number of hits on the site?”

Google Analytics will be installed on your site. This is a free service from Google and provides detailed information on the visits to your site and the actions that your visitors made while on your site.

” Who keeps up with the changes and maintenance on the site?”

When the site is completed, 1st Source Servall will provide you with a username and password to make changes to your site. If you would like 1st Source Servall to make changes to your site, we will be able to for $50/hour. A quote will be issued and need to be approved before any work is done. The sites are created with a very popular content management system, so other companies will be able to make changes as well.

” Will the website be maintained by 1st Source Servall for any issues?”

If the site stops working because of something done by 1st Source Servall or our hosting company, we will get it corrected. If there are issues based on something changed by you or someone other than 1st Source Servall then you will be charged to have it fixed.

“What does “additional copywriting” mean?”

We will ask you to tell us what you want your website to say. If you would like us to come up with the content for your site, our professional copywriters will be glad to interview you about your business and write the content for your site. There are costs associated with doing this and they will be quoted if this service is requested.

“Is this $199 ($299) ($499) + $59 a year after that?”

The $199, $299 or $499 is for the initial set up and creation of the site. The $59 will be charged at the time of set up for the first year. At the beginning of each following year that you keep your site hosted with us, we will charge you $59 for the next 12 months.

“If Servall develops my website is there a contract? Can I cancel if it’s not working for me?”

There is no contract involved and you can cancel at any time. There will be a $50 fee to transfer the URL registration and a CD Copy of the site.

“You have 3 different website options. Which is best for me?”

We believe the total package (Web Presence on Demand) is the best value. It is a very low priced complete business solution. However, we have included other low price options in the event you choose to step down.

” How do I know you’ll do a good job developing my website?”

That’s easy. Call or email us. We’ll provide you references.

” How do I know that the pricing for your web development and other services isn’t too high?”

We know what it costs to have a technology company create a website. Feel free to ask around, our prices for these services are a tremendous value.

” How long will the site take to be completely finished and live?”

The normal process takes about 2 weeks, but could be more depending on how many customers have committed to the suite of services and are awaiting setup.

” Are the other vendors in my area going to have the same basic website as mine?  If so, how will that benefit me and my business?”

It is possible that some of your local competitors may decide to use our services. Your choice of color templates plus logos and pictures of your business will differentiate you. The other option is to do nothing or to pay for custom development at 5-10 times our price. Neither of those options benefits your business