How should I advertise my parts telephone number and website?

Add the phone number and web address to any paperwork you leave with a customer, any marketing materials or ads, and on your open/closed sign of your building. We do not recommend creating any new ads.

I’m going to retire in a few years, why should I do all this now?

Your business will grow, you’ll have more money for retirement and technology will make your business more viable for sale

Why are you offering these services?

The only way we can grow as a company and thrive in the future is if our customers grow and thrive as well: which is the true concept of a business partnership. These programs offer you growth and profit opportunities. We make money as well

Will there be a person to contact at all times with any issues?

There is an email address and phone number for you to call with questions. We will always attempt to be prompt in our response during normal business hours.

Is there a guarantee I will make my investment back?

We expect these enhancements to have a positive impact on your business finances. You will be more visible to your potential customers and present a more professional image. However, we have no way to guarantee what the sales increases will be.