Parts Promo on Demand

I shop for the best price on every part so Parts Promo on Demand is not for me

There are 25 -50 parts that represent a significant portion of your COD appliance service. If we give you a great price on those top parts and are competitive on everything else, your time, or your employee’s time, can be much better spent finding ways to serve your customers and grow your business.

Truck Stock on Demand

How will you know what to stock in my truck?

We will work with you to review your last 6 months parts usage history from all sources. We will then evaluate the top items, consider your space and reveiew how much you want to invest in parts inventory. We will provide a recommended list, and after your approval, ship the parts to you on a guaranteed sale basis.

What if we stock the wrong parts?

We will give you a guaranteed sale on all unused parts in their original packaging that we stock for your initial setup order. Any unused part from the initial order may be returned to us for 6 months for full credit